Whats on?

To celebrate Phunconf's 5th birthday there is also a series of workshops and a code retreat available to attendees. Both workshops and code retreat run during the day on February 5th and tickets include entry to the evening unconference.


The unconference is an evening event that has no prescribed schedule. Instead, the organisers (with the assistance of subject matter experts and guided by community interest) run a series of open circle discussions focusing on knowledge sharing and peer learning. A wide range of topics are discussed and no unconf is ever the same.


The workshops are a focused classroom style learning experience where numbers are limited for the benefit of those attending. Workshop sessions are led by industry leaders including SydPHP's very own Dave Clark (Zend Certified Training Partner). A full workshop schedule will be announced soon and will feature topics including Web applications at Scale and a PHP Masterclass.

Code Retreat

Phunconf’s code retreat is run by Szabolcs Palmer (Senior Platform Engineer at Yahoo!7) providing an opportunity for developers to hone their unit testing skills. Developers will complete a series of simple code challenges aimed at perfecting the art of test driven development. This is a unique and hands on pair programming experience.

Workshops and Code Retreat will run during the day (9-5pm) at the Y Hotel Conference Centre, 5-1 Wentworth Ave, Sydney. Attendance is ticketed separately to the evening unconference (but includes access for those attending workshops etc.) A full conference schedule will be posted soon.